Kristine Mandros Electrolysis LLC 

Permanent Hair Removal



Kristine Mandros, C.T. graduated from The Ohio Institute of Electrology in Tiffin Ohio in 1999.  Kristine Mandros, C.T. is the sole proprietress of her Electrolysis practice for 20 years.


Kristine Mandros, C.T. is very committed to her profession. Kristine offers personal care, support and attention to your goal of becoming hair free. Kristine has an excellent understanding of the distress that increased hair growth can cause in your life. Kristine's commitment to you includes:

  • Dedication to meet your Electrolysis needs and treating you with respect and courtesy.
  • Maintaining your personal privacy by keeping your treatment records secured and confidential.
  • Delivering quality treatment, regardless of age, race, sex, religion, disability or sexual orientation.
  • Providing information necessary to enable you to make an informed, educated decision related to your plan of treatment.
  • Providing a timely response to your request for treatment.

Your commitment is essential in obtaining your new look.

Electrolysis eliminates unwanted hair permanently.  Once a hair is permanently removed, it is gone forever. No longer will you be embarrassed or have to conceal, camouflage or mask your unwanted hair.


Kristine Mandros C.T. has been trained to recognize signs and symptoms that may need medical attention. Kristine does not diagnose or treat any physical underlying medical condition causing increased hair growth. Kristine may advise you to seek professional medical advice related to her findings.


Kristine Mandros Electrolysis acknowledges and greets clients within moments of their arrival to the office. Clients can expect no long delays in the waiting room.

Provides clean surroundings with soft music and a caring attitude, in a professional atmosphere.

Ensures absolute confidentiality of client information and treatment. Your privacy will be protected.  


  • Epilator: Silhouet-Tone Evolution 5HD
  • Surgical Loupes ( for better optics)
  • Ballet Gold disposable probes
  • Golden Ratio custom procedure table
  • Dazor LED Task Lighting
  • Latex Free gloves
  • Dry Heat sterilization
  • Dumont forceps        

Kristine's Silhouette-Tone Evolution 5HD epilator, delivers excellent results with increased comfort. Surgical loupes (eye-ware) and halogen lighting enable Kristine to see unwanted hair that you may not see.


  • Free Consultation On Initial Visit
  • Convenient Client Scheduling
  • Treatment By Appointment Only
  • Comparative Prices
  • Cash, Check or Zelle Accepted 


Kristine Mandros Electrolysis works around your busy schedule. Appointments are available six days a week, Monday through Saturday, for your convenience. If you need an early appointment, before your busy day starts, just ask Kristine to schedule.

Kristine Mandros Electrolysis is focused on providing high quality, client centered service and client satisfaction. Kristine Mandros, C.T. will exceed your expectations in skill and knowledge of permanent hair removal.


1075 Beecher Crossing North, Suite B in Gahanna, OH.


Phone: 614-264-6245